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Why limit your landscape enjoyment to daylight hours? Landscape lighting creates an atmosphere of beauty, comfort and security throughout the year. Trees and plants that were once invisible at night become fountains of color and texture when properly lighted for dramatic nighttime effect. Once dark doorways, corners, walkways and steps are splashed with pools of light, providing safety and enhancing your property’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Landscape lighting can accent and highlight your landscape and the special architectural features of your home. As the seasons change, so also do the effects that a well-planned lighting system has on your landscape. Unlike spotlights or floodlights, which create a harsh institutional effect, properly designed and installed landscape lighting provide a warm glow that accentuates your property’s best characteristics.


A well-executed landscape lighting design provides safety and security, in addition to beauty. Instead of high-wattage floodlights, Stolfa Landscape designs a much more understated approach to security lighting that has the added benefit of accenting your property as well.

Trust Stolfa’s experience. For more than two decades, we have been creating, installing and servicing outstanding landscape lighting solutions for our client.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Stolfa Nursery & Landscape offers a complete range of lighting services for our residential clients, including:

  Landscape Lighting Design 
  Landscape Lighting Installation 
  Landscape Lighting Maintenance