Nursery and Landscaping



  • Water new sod immediately upon installation and continue watering daily for 10 to 14 days after installations.
  • For the first 7-10 days, water sod thoroughly so that you cannot walk-on it without sinking in.
  • After sod has been established (when it does not pull up when gently tugged) a good watering once or twice a week is preferred over light sprinklings daily.


  • Do not fertilize your sod directly after installation. Once well established (approximately one season), you may follow a regular fertilization program.
  • Perennials need to be well situated in their new environment, at least one year, before you attempt to fertilize. After that you may fertilize with a slow-release, dry fertilizer according to package directions.


  • Perennials need to be watered well immediately after planting. For about 2 weeks after that, you should check plants daily to be sure the ground around them has adequate moisture. WATCH FOR WILTING PLANTS. After that, perennials should be given 1 inch of water every week. Let the soil and the plants be your guide.


  • Newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered immediately after planting. Over the next 2 weeks, or more, be sure your new tree material gets a minimum of 1” of water every other day. After your plant is established, you will need to supplement its water schedule for the first year. Using 1-2” of water every 4 to 7 days should be adequate, again either by rainfall or hand watering.
  • Newly planted trees require 2-3 years for their root systems to become fully established. During this time, extra watering and special care is necessary.
  • The best way to water your trees and shrubs is the slow-soak method. This will allow the moisture to go deep to the bottom of the roots. The majority of the water-absorbing roots are in the top 18” of ground.


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